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What's happening

A little road trip north to Todmorden, York, Newcastle and Leeds. The website is nearly ready, we just need to get a photoshoot organised.

We are planning a new website. We have songs that are nearly ready to record, so we just need to make time for that.

This month was a bit of a washout. Craig was away for the first part and when he returned, the boys got together for one practice after which Jonathan became ill and we had to cancel 3 gigs. For those who spend their time getting gigs, you will know that cancelling gigs is not done lightly. 


Craig is away travelling and hopefully taking some instruments with him to join locals in making music. Meanwhile Jonathan will be trying to work on new songs, get some more gigs for the next few months. There is also some work on videos to be done. 

We had our busiest and most successful gigs during the month. A little trip/tour to Yorkshire. While in York, we did a bit of busking that went down well. Not much chance to hone the new songs together, but they will be on our next CD that we will start on in the new year. Four gigs in four days with some busking in between made Jonathan's thumb ache again but nothing to worry about.

Working on ideas for new songs, some will need a band or don't suit our sound, but we still have a few new ones that will work well. We took our first trip to Wales. That is as far west we have been.

Jonathan's thumb continues to improve and it's almost back to full working order. We are still working on new songs and looking for opportunities to play.


Thumb still sore but better and less restrictive. We played at the Lichfield Jazz & Blues Festival and Northampton's Twinfest and our first trip to Burton on Trent. The new songs are taking shape. Still looking for opportunities to play on our trip to Yorkshire and the North East in September.

A couple of gigs. Jonathan's thumb still sore. We are still working on new songs.


Jonathan is believed to have broken a thumb and Craig has been ill, so not much happening. We have been working on some new lyrics and song ideas but not much practice or chances to meet up this month. 

Another Folk Club gig that went well and couple of gigs in the South West that saw us explore that bit of the world for the first time. Even a little bit of busking in Shepton Mallet market. We are trying to arrange a tour of the Yorkshire & the North East between 10th & 17th September. We are having a go at writing songs together.

We have debuted live some new songs, namely Tempted (with Craig on spoons), Death letter & In my chair (Craig on Cajon), Viola Lee (Craig on harp). Plus Craig playing a multi instrument piece with mostly harmonica. It's not got a name yet.
We have received some video footage of us playing in Sheffield during November and have edited them down to produce 2 compilation videos.

Craig has been working on some new instruments to see if we can use them. We have started to post bits on Instagram #thekingbiscuitboys a little more.

We are working on some new songs including a couple of originals: Tempted
(guitar, harmonica & Spoons) and Early Shift Blues Boy.  3 covers: Viola Lee Blues and Death Letter (Suitcase drum kit and guitar) & Tequilla (Melodica and guitar). We have produced our first Electronic Press Kit - see Contact page of website.

This saw us return to The Honey Bee Blues Club in Sheffield. Craig tried out his suitcase drum kit on a few songs.  We then head off on a short tour of the north. We are playing at 3 youth hostels Berwick -on Tweed, Boggle Hole, Nr Whitby and York. We have also squeezed in a gig at The Quakerhouse in Darlington.

We now have an Istagram account #thekingbiscuitboys
Our suitcase drum kit practice is coming on. We are happy with four songs, so we should be debuting some of them soon.


Craig has finished his drum kit in a suitcase and our first session with it went really well. It has given us the opportunity to try some songs that have not quite worked before and some new ones to try. In the right venue, it will produce a very effective end to the evening. We are planning a tour of the north in November and have secured some dates. 

August - A bit quieter. Starting to think about some new songs that we can add to the set or next album. Craig is planning a new instrument.  We took first booking for 2017. Our CD got to No 17 in the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association chart for August. 

July - The album is complete as is the artwork. The CD Got my eyes on you became available to purchase. July also brings our busiest month of gigs so far.

 June - We hope to get the remaining tracks recorded today (9th July). Then it will be completing the artwork, Tidying up the tracks and working on the distribution and making the songs available to purchase. 

Craig is busy getting ready to move house, so we are standing still a bit. There are just two or three more tracks to record to complete the album.

As well as plenty of practice, Jonathan is taking the time to help Blues UK tidy up the Clubs & Venues part of their website. He is also working on a couple of new ideas for songs.

We have started distributing the first few songs from our forthcoming CD - 'Got my eyes on you' which will be released during the summer, but more importantly
Craig has cut off his dreadlocks! Pictures will follow.

We continue to record new songs for our forthcoming album. We have seven tracks we are happy with. We just need to get a good recording of a new track that includes Craig's washboard. It's an 'original' rag called She Scares Me.
We have been working on the artwork as well.


We are continuing to work on new songs and recordings and trying to fill our diary with gigs.


January - We are still trying various recording equipment and software ahead of recording our next CD. I have started work on the artwork and some videos have been posted to YouTube and our website. The videos will be used to try and get some gigs in 2016. We have started to contact venues for gigs in 2016 and beyond.

December - We have been working on getting ready for recording by trying various recording methods and equipment. A couple of new songs on the way as well.

November - We are working hard to try and get some more gigs and hope to have a couple of new videos for you soon.

October - Craig is available for gigs again and midweek one too.
We entered a couple of songs into the Potbelly Song Contest and made it to the finals which are part of the Potbelly Folk, Blues and Roots Festival in Kettering.

August/Sept - Craig has requested a break from gigs during Aug/Sept apart from those already booked.

Summer 2015 - Craig's day job is preventing us from getting away to many midweek gigs at the moment, so in the meantime, Jonathan may well be out and about on his own for some solo acoustic spots. 

We should have some more YouTube clips in the coming months.

In April 2015,  I (Jonathan) was invited to join Lew Bear on one of his songs. He sent me an audio file and I came up with a simple accompaniment. We met for the first time on the day of the recording and spent a very enjoyable setting up and recording the song.

Lew lost pretty much everything a few years back due to fibromyalgia (and a crappy government, but we won't go into that) but somehow that time inspired the best in him and made him a happier person - so he wrote a song, as you do!

Little Things - AKA The Nettle Butt Blues - performed by Lew Bear and Jonathan Townsend of King Biscuit Boys on slide guitar, at a spot along the river Nene, just off the A5 by Weedon.



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