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This is the home page of Guitarist, singer, songwriter
 and bluesman Jonathan Townsend.

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The King Biscuit Boys, 

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Photo taken by George Shovlin at The Harbour View 'Speakeasy', Sunderland.


Sun 23rd Feb - Strugglers, Lincoln
Sun 12th Apr - The Elm Tree, Cambridge
Mon 13th July - Rose & Crown, Oundle (Part of the Blues Night)
Sun 13th Sept - The Elm Tree, Cambridge

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Best quotes at Gigs:
I nearly walked out on the Bob Dylan gig, but happily stayed for all of yours :-)

Lady:" I really liked that song of yours". Me: "Thanks, which one?" Lady:  "She scares me", Big smile

Below are a couple of clips from my first gig with Ben White on harmonica. Craig was unable to travel to the Manchester area. The unedited video was taken by Emma Westerman. Hopefully we will be able to schedule more gigs. It's a different sound to what we do with Craig, so it might suit some different venues. 

This is a collaboration with Lew Bear from Northamptonshire. He wanted me to join him on this track. You can find more about him at