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This is the home page of Guitarist, singer, songwriter and bluesman Jonathan Townsend.

If you are looking for The King Biscuit Boys, please go to their new website
This will be the site for Jonathan's music.

Gigs. (Solo and as The King Biscuit Boys)

Thurs 3rd Jan - Blues Bar, Tring (King Biscuit Boys)
Sun 13th Jan - The Elm Tree, Cambridge (8pm)
Sat 26th Jan - Victoria, Coalville (King Biscuit Boys)
Sat 2nd Feb - Brighton (King Biscuit Boys)
Sat 16th Feb - Derby Tup, Chesterfield (King Biscuit Boys)
Fri 22nd Feb - Lord Roberts Pub, Nottingham. (King Biscuit Boys)
Sun 3rd March - Strugglers, Lincoln (King Biscuit Boy)
Thurs 7th March - Buckingham Acoustic Club (45min Guest slot)
Sun 10th March - Brewery Tap, Abingdon (King Biscuit Boys)
Sat 16th March - Waterloo Pub, Burton (30 minute set)
Wed 10th April - Old Volunteer, Nottingham (King Biscuit Boys)
Sat 13th April - Waterloo Pub, Burton (30 minute set)
Sun 21st April - Strugglers, Lincoln (King Biscuit Boys)
Sun 22nd April - Hen & Chickens, Baldock (King Biscuit Boys)
Sat 11th May - Star, Dorking (King Biscuit Boys)
Sun 23rd June - Strugglers, Lincoln (King Biscuit Boys)
Sun 14th July - The Elm Tree, Cambridge (8pm)
Fri 19th July - Upton Blues Festival - Acoustic Stage (King Biscuit Boys)
Thurs 1st Aug - Peppers, Gloucester Blues Festival (King Biscuit Boys)
Wed 25th Sept - Saltaire Blues Club, Saltaire (50 minute set)

Thurs 26th Sept - 'Speakeasy', Harbour View, Sunderland

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